Heard a great speaker last week at a VEL Institute event.  If you have not heard of VEL, check them out.  Their stated mission is…  “Bringing Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Leaders together to create positive community action and foster valuable relationships.” 

The speaker was Dr. Todd Dewett.  What an energetic and thought provoking guy he is.  One focus of his talk was the challenge of breaking out of our routines and pre-disposed viewpoints.  I came away feeling like I probably needed to re-examine some things in my life that I have come to accept as normal.  He also addressed the power of positivity.  We have all heard this before, but he came at it from a different direction, the negativity.  Here are a couple of quotes from Dr. Todd Dewett for you to ponder this week…

“A life worth living is worth examining and taking risks on.”

“Understand the sticky power of negativity.  It sticks way easier and way longer than positivity.”

            Dr. Todd Dewett



The simple designation of a title or position does not make one a leader.  We are surrounded by great leaders without formal titles and there are plenty of titled position holders who are poor leaders.  Leadership takes work.  It requires intentionality.  Leaders consider others and the greater good; they are encouraging and motivational.  These are skills that are developed and nurtured.  They do not automatically come with a title.  Think about the people that you want to follow.  Do you want to follow them because of their title or formal role?  Probably not.  More likely, you are drawn to them due to some of the traits mentioned above.  It is sometimes hard to describe, but there is something about good leaders that make us want to follow them.  There are not leaders without followers, but there are leaders without titles.

Leadership is not a designated position; it's a
phenomenon. It is people following people because
they want to, not because they have to.
--Larry Wilson


Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

The closing line in the MMM from last week was “Only you can change you.”  That is so true.  To implement change you need to be intentional and proactive.  It takes action and determination.  Resolutions do not instigate change.  Goals do not prompt change.  Good intentions only go so far.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Change is not easy.  We humans are resistant to it.  It is important to note that big changes usually starts with small steps.  Something has to be the beginning of change.  There has to be an initial step, a starting action item.  Make incremental changes to your diet.  Increase your workout frequency or intensity over time.  Start a new daily habit of quiet time, reflection or prayer.  Eliminate the negative forces or distractions.  Set a stretch goal in your professional life.  These are all easier said than done.  However, they have one thing in common.  They all require something to change.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

What will you change in 2018?



Are you a New Year’s resolution person?  I’ve never been one for resolutions just for the sake of resolution every January.  Frankly, it is an arbitrary point in time and not much different than another month end; save the fact that you have to remember to write the New Year on your checks. 

A New Year should be more than that!  It is a good time to look at one’s life with a little perspective.  There is something that feels good about the fresh start of a new year.  It is like a clean slate, a new leaf, a change opportunity.  There is new energy associated with the New Year.  I do like to take stock of where I stand at year end, where my life is going and where it needs to change.  Many MMM’s have addressed the topic of change.  The point is often made that we must change to grow and improve ourselves. 

The New Year is a great opportunity to focus on change for growth and improvement.  Radical change is difficult.  More is required than a date change to accomplish significant goals.  If your goals are challenging, you will need more than a simple resolution.  But simple changes are often important as well.  The New Year offers an opportunity for a new attitude, a different outlook, and a modification in perspective.

Whatever your resolutions, goals, or challenges are tackle them with gusto and commitment.  Stick to their pursuit for the good of the outcome and the betterment of your life.  Only you can change you!

Wishing you a blessed and prosperous year!