Happy Holidays!


May you and your family have a truly blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 

The MMM will take off next week for the holidays and return on Monday, January 3rd of 2022. 


Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes


There are some things in my life that I need to change, and I struggle with actually making that happen.  It is just too easy to stay the way we are.  Change is hard, and it has to start with some specific action, because if nothing changes then nothing will change. We must start somewhere.  Life is a process, not a destination.  It is largely about change and adaptation to circumstances.  It is about how we improve ourselves over our lifetime.  Change is difficult, and it is not required, but it is advised. As this year draws to close, what change will you make happen in 2022?


Life is Hard


When I hear somebody say that life is hard, I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?" 
       --Sydney J. Harris

This is a very thought-provoking quote.  Life may be hard.  I don’t think we have any real right to complain about that.  We are not promised otherwise, but it is not always hard. Actually, most of us are incredibly blessed.  When we think life is too hard what exactly would we like it to be?  I know, there a lot of easy answers to that... trouble free, healthy, stable, happy, comfortable, and less challenging.  But that is not life, is it?