What does it mean to have integrity?  How would you describe people that you believe have integrity?  The first thought that comes to my mind about integrity is...  Do the right thing even when nobody is looking.  Integrity is not about doing the right thing for someone else.  It is about doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do! 

What is the right thing?  Two things to consider when making decision about the right thing to do...

- What would your mother think if you told her your decision?

- Make your decision as if it will be on the front-page news tomorrow.

Keep those thoughts in mind and you will know the right thing to do.  Strive to do the right thing all the time, especially when nobody is looking.



My wife and I have a variety of home improvement projects going on at home.  This process has reminded me of how differently we go about making decisions.  As a part of this process, I recently asked if she wanted to go to the store with me to make a certain selection.  Her response was telling, saying “No, I do not have the time it will take for you to stand there and stare at the options and over think your choice”.  She might have a point, and this was just for some picture frames!  I am proud to say, that on several of the decisions on these projects I have been able to make some speedy selections and keep the project moving.  Nonetheless, definitive and fast decision making is not my strong suit.  A good friend, and longtime MMM reader, shared the below thought with me recently…

“Remember, the road of life is littered with squirrels that could not make a decision.”

For many of you this is not a problem.  For those like me, for whom it is, we need to work on it, lest we get run over!


The lost art of the “blinker”

There is a nifty feature on automobiles and trucks that allows one to indicate, by a flashing light, their intention to turn or switch lanes.  These turn signals were invented in the early 1900’s and patented in 1938.  By the 1960’s they were pretty much standard on all cars produced in the US.  There is one in your car, I am sure of it.  Yes, I said 1960, which is over 50 years ago.  I find it interesting, okay frustrating, that this device has been in place for this long and it still has not gained total acceptance within our society.  It is so simple to indicate to those of us around you, your directional intentions while driving.  In my experience the act of turning and switching lanes without the use of a “blinker” happens all too often.  Do we think that some people do not understand how to use the device?  Or are they simply too inconvenienced to flip their wrist or just a finger?  (Maybe they are on just their phone!)  I am thinking there may even be a law requiring the use of this device…

The use of the blinker, a lost art indeed…

Not your typical leadership challenging MMM, and it is a repeat of a previous publication.  I know that the MMM cannot change the world, but I was hoping for some local improvement on this topic.  Recent drives through The Woodlands and into Houston would indicate there has been no change in behavior.


What a year…

Last Thursday, March 11th, marked the one-year anniversary of our lives changing in this country. Here in Houston our beloved Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was canceled.  It seemed unfathomable at the time. Latter that day the NBA season was suspended. The pandemic was in full gear. Kids were on spring break and they never returned to the classroom.  Within two weeks the entire country was virtually shut down.  We learned how to Zoom and discovered a new meaning for the word pivot. Bicycles and home gym equipment sold out within days. We became closer to our family we live with, but farther from those we could not visit.

We have faced and survived a huge challenge. Our country will not be the same. There is good to come from this and hopefully we have learned some lessons. Lessons learned are the fruit of challenging times.

How has the last year changed you as a leader? How have you and your teams adapted? Are you stronger, more flexible? Are you more understanding and patient? Has your business model changed for the better? Do you operate more efficiently?

Seek positive change. Come out of this in a better place and prepared to move forward.