Presidents’ Day


As we celebrate Presidents’ Day, I find myself thinking about the role of the President as a leader. The President of the United States is the official leader of our country and the ultimate leader of our military. He is also referred to as the leader of the free world.  Those roles are true and fitting. Responsibilities and power come with his elected position. He is a leader by title. However, holding a position in title does not make one a great leader of people.  Regardless of your political affiliation, I think that most will agree that we have had presidents from both parties who were in fact great leaders.  Furthermore, we have had even more who were leaders in title and never mastered the art of truly leading people. Never confuse a title with true quality leadership. Many title holders are great leaders, some are not. On the other hand, many great leaders have no title at all.


Happy Presidents’ Day!




We are all leaders. Some are formal leaders with titles, others are informal leaders with influence. We lead at home, church, in our community and at work.  We lead our children, our peers, and our employees.  If you do not consider yourself a leader, you are ignoring an opportunity to influence those around you.  Embrace these leadership points and do your absolute best to be a great leader! 


·        Hope - Great leaders give people hope for a better tomorrow.

·        Consistency - When followers never know what to expect from a leader, they will stop expecting anything.

·        Influence - People do not respond well when pushed, forced or directed.  They respond best when influenced by leaders they respect. 

·        Honesty & Trust - Trust and honesty are established when words and actions match up.

·        Accountability - Leaders understand that followers need to see leaders who are willing to be accountable. 

·        Humility - As leaders we should be concerned with what is right, not if we are right. 

·        Respect & Caring - People do not care what you know until they know that you care. 





One of the most critical attributes of a great leader is consistency.  If you know me well, you know how I feel about consistency. This is not the first MMM devoted to the topic.  Steady and consistent leadership develops loyal followers. It maintains calm and stabilizes expectations. Consistency means that when the question is the same, the answer is the same, no matter if the names and places change. The answer is the same no matter the emotional, financial, or legal implications. Dependable answers and consistent responses create a stable environment where expectations are clear. This does not mean that different times may not require different responses. It does not mean that business circumstances can’t dictate changes in policy.  However, it does mean that people know what to expect from their leader. 


John Maxwell says, “If people do not know what to expect from a leader, they will come to expect nothing.”  As leaders, we should want people to know what to expect from us. 


Great leaders have sound values and convictions. Those things do not change and therefore they are consistent in their leadership. A great leader is the rock of consistency for their team, followers, business or family.



When life gives you lemons…


Twenty years ago, this week I finished my last chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The notes in my diary from that day simply state, “This is my final treatment and I thought it would never be finished. I kept watching for the last drop.”

That was a long time ago. Even though my diagnosis is considered treatable but not curable, the longer I remain in remission the lower the odds are of recurrence. That was true at ten and fifteen years. It is especially true, this week at twenty! I am blessed to have had a tolerable treatment regimen and a favorable outcome.

Many of you know that our family took my diagnosis combined with the loss of my father to leukemia and turned it into a passion of raising money for blood cancer research. Over the past nineteen years our family (The Blanton Bunch) has raised and donated over $565,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Lemons to Lemonade, my friends!  The only answer for blood cancers is funding research for a cure.

I can’t believe it has been twenty years…