Emphasizing the Negative?

As a society it seems like we tend to focus on the negative and not the positive.  We seek and point out flaws and failures way more actively than we do accomplishments and successes.  I know that I am guilty of this.  It is something that I have recently made a decision to try and change.  A conscious effort is required to be positive and look for the good things in life all the time.  Some people are better at it than others.  But for some reason the world around us seems to make it harder.  The media is certainly no help.  So much of the news is driven by negativity, failure, fraud and corruption.  Even the weatherman is working against us.  Why is it that a 70% chance of sunshine is communicated as a 30% chance of rain?  We might find ourselves a little more pleasant to be around if we sought out the positive more often than the negative.   

Be positive.  Be blessed…


Fight fire with fire?

There is an old saying that states "You have to fight fire with fire".  I am not sure that is always true, nor wise, when the fire is an argument or disagreement.  If you take the analogy literally it would seem that you should fight fire with water, after all that is what puts out fire.  Fighting fire with fire escalates arguments and wastes energy.  It can make existing problems larger, hotter more volatile.  The use of calming water can make them smaller, cooler more manageable.  It may even put the fire out entirely. 

Be calm when dealing with a difficult situation, don't spread the fire.  Consider using a dose of cool, calming water the next time you have a fire to fight.



We are all broken.  Don’t believe those who want you to think that they are perfect; no one is. We are all human…we have sins, shames, regrets and dark sides. However, we do not have to act like we are broken. Don’t let the baggage of your past weigh down your journey to future.  We just need to be aware of it, own it, and move on.  You are the only one who knows your baggage and can control how you react to it. Life is all about how we learn, grow and move forward.  Don’t let others control how you see yourself.  We are each uniquely made in God’s eyes.  Each of us has strengths, talents, beauty and personalities that overcome the brokenness.  Be broken, just know it and deal with it.  More importantly, draw your strength from your unique gifts, the strength to overcome the brokenness. 

You are broken, but truly UNIQUE AND SPECIAL!


Power of the Mind

The power of the human mind is incredible.  It is truly amazing what we can accomplish with brain power.  Too many times however, it works against us.  We let our minds create the narrative.  We listen to the stories created by our own thoughts.  We can actually fabricate stories that become reality.  Even worse, we allow self-doubt and negative thoughts to creep in and occupy too much real estate in our heads. 

Our challenge is to use the power of our thoughts for good.  The phrase “Mind over matter”, was created for a reason, just ask any endurance athlete.  Wise is the man who channels his thinking for good.  Strong is the person who creates positive self-images in their mind.  Successful is the individual who harnesses brain power to overcome obstacles.  God granted us a very powerful tool.  We just have to have to learn how to use it in a positive way.