Holiday Season Leadership

The holidays represent a great opportunity for each of us as leaders.  Not as a political leadership occasion or a chance to excel in a leadership role at work, but the holidays are full of “lead by example” opportunities at home. 

·         Christ like love can be shown for our family and others
·         Materialism can be de-emphasized (not the normal thought at Christmas)
·         Tithing and charitable giving can be taught
·         Patience can be exemplified (long checkout lines, full parking lots and traffic)
·         Understanding and flexibility can be displayed in family gatherings
·         Giving can be emphasized
·         Good sportsmanship can be demonstrated during football and card games
·         Prayer can be a focus
·         Lessons can be learned from those less fortunate

Our families and those around us during the holidays can learn so much by watching our behavior as leaders.  Embrace your leadership opportunities this holiday season!

The MMM will take a brief holiday break. Watch for our return on Monday January 8th, 2018.  Wow, I cannot believe how this year has flown by!  Be a blessing this Christmas!


Are you always right?

Is your way the only “right way”?  Do you often think that you know the best, if not the only, way to do something?  Sometimes our egos allow us to think that we are always right.  Maybe it is when we are young, fresh with a degree in hand, and we just know that we can conquer the world.  Maybe it is when we are older and have years of experience and just know that we have already conquered the world.  Well maybe we are just wrong! 

If you believe you always know the right answer or have the right solution you are wrong.  There are a lot of ways to solve problems, create answers, produce results and settle arguments.  There is not just one way, and one person does not always know the right way.  If you tend to think you are always right or find yourself intolerant of others ideas and perspectives, you may need to step back and reconsider.  You may need to consider other viewpoints.  You should listen more open mindedly.  You should actually seek counsel instead of dictate solutions.  You should think about the meaning of the old adage…“There is more than one way to skin a cat.” 

Seldom is there just one right way to do anything.  Even when there is, one person never always knows that answer.  Your way is not the only right way.


Beware of the pedestal…

In life we tend to put certain people up on pedestals.  We set those apart that we admire or idolize.  We hold them up, often to a higher standard or a loftier set of expectations.  I suppose it is human nature regarding people that make positive impressions on our lives and that can be dangerous.  Not everyone who positively influences our lives deserves such elevation.  Not everyone in positions of authority or popularity, deserve such special treatment.  In fact, most do not.  The risk is that when those people show us their weakness, or even their simply human side, we are devastated.  We find ourselves let down and disappointed.  Therein lies the risk of the pedestal.  We set ourselves up for disappointment when we place people on pedestals.  Most of the time people end up falling from their perch, often very hard.  There is nothing wrong with admiring people.  There is nothing wrong with emulating certain aspects of a persons’ character.  Just know that nobody is perfect.  Everyone is human, and as such, has flaws. Beware of the pedestal.