We Can, and We Will

This pandemic will end, and we can learn from it. Our job as leaders is to guide businesses, organizations and families, through to the end. To get there we need to be positive and encouraging, while promoting growth and positive change. A good friend recently reminded me the power of the simple words, “can” and “will”. These small words completely change how a message is received. Consider a few messages we can send as leaders…
·       Our team can be productive from home
·       We will be a closer family
·       You can adapt under pressure
·       We will maintain relationships with clients
·       You can grow as a person through this crisis
·       Our business will have better contingency plans
·       We can work more efficiently 
·       Our non-profit will survive and adapt
·       We will be better off on the back side of this
·       I can make a difference by being a leader
We can and will get through these crazy times. Our challenge as leaders is to ensure that our teams grow, learn and change for the better!


Resilience & Adaptability

Humans are incredibly resilient and more adaptable than we think. Proof of this can be observed during this time of crisis. We have figured out totally new ways to conduct business and interact with others. Companies have pivoted their entire business models, some to move products into areas of need and others to make entirely new products. Working from home has taken on a whole new, and very serious, meaning. We have learned to home-school, social distance, Zoom, and even cook better. Our family relationships, both virtual and in the confines of our homes has changed, and hopefully improved.

The uplifting part of this resilience and adaptability manifests itself in how we have rallied to the cause. The emotional stories about special things being done for healthcare workers are overwhelming. Our acknowledgement of environmental staff and truck drivers and their importance to our world is amazing. The donation of time and talents across this country is truly impressive.

This change in our way of lives has not been easy and has become tiresome. However, we are surviving this because we are resilient, and we have adapted.


Coming out of this better…

There is a lot of commentary out there on how things will be different after COVID-19.  Certainly, we are learning what we miss the most and what we deem to be really important.  Discovering creative ways to work from home and how to be flexible are daily challenges.  Of course, we are also being reminded of the importance of health care workers, first responders, truck drivers and grocery store staff.  Oh, and maybe most importantly, Teachers! 

But what are you doing to come out of this a better person?
·       Are you going to have better family relationships?
·       Will you learn a new craft or skill?
·       Are you growing in your faith?
·       Have you discovered new ways to give back in your community?
·       Will you be more serious about saving of 2-3 months of living expenses?
·       Has your perspective about work/life balance changed?
·       Do you have new goals and objectives for the balance of the year?
·       Will you bring a new level of commitment and energy to your job or your business?
·       Have you read a business or self help book you have been putting off?

This is not over, but most of the above take some time.  Take advantage of the opportunity of time. What are you doing to make sure you come out of this a better person? Think about it.


What Day is it?

The weekends used to include soccer, church and nights out.  A normal weekday included a work schedule and human interaction, outside of immediate family.  Days were recognized by fixed meetings, happy hours or workout schedules.  Monday was often dreaded, while Friday celebrated.  But now?  Things are different; how is one day really much different from another?  What does it even mean to say, “Enjoy your weekend”?

Our “normal” is changing and we are learning to adapt.  Some people have said they do not like the concept of this being “the new normal”, they prefer to think of it as the temporary normal.  A lot of this change is temporary.  Our routines will come back, and our schedules will return.  We will eventually get back to knowing what day it is!  But I do not think our lives, or this country will ever be the same. 

Does it matter if the MMM is really issued on Monday?  What day is it?