Winter in Texas

I have had my fill of being part of “Events of a lifetime”. The latest being the winter storm here in Texas last week. As I write this on Friday afternoon, most power has been restored, but millions in the state are still without water. The plumbers are crazy busy with busted pipes and businesses are just trying to reopen. Even schools were closed all week.

For you out of state MMM readers, you have to understand, it was 10° here in The Woodlands on Tuesday morning. Many parts of Houston were well below freezing for over 48 hours, other parts of the state much longer. Our infrastructure is not built for this. Our homes cannot handle this. The snow was pretty, but the extreme cold is not something we know how to prepare for or deal with.

What’s the MMM message here? I am not real sure. I do know this, next time you find yourself saying, “Now I’ve seen it all”, don’t be so sure…



Great leaders recognize the efforts and successes of those that work with them. Sincere recognition and appreciation develops deep loyalty and spurs motivation. But, when it comes to our own motives, we need not be concerned about recognition.  Great leaders do not worry about accolades coming their way.  They are focused on the direction, goals, and accomplishments of their team. Recognition comes naturally to quality leaders; they need not worry.  The satisfaction of leadership comes in recognizing others and developing them as people and as leaders.  Consider this quote from a somewhat well know President. Happy Presidents’ Day!

“Don't worry when you are not recognized,

but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

--Abraham Lincoln


Super Bowl of Life?

The Big game played yesterday is a big deal in the football world and certainly entertaining to watch.  Granted, this year was a little different, as our lives have been for the last eleven months. If we are not actually part of an NFL team, we cannot aspire to make it to that game.  However, there are Super Bowls of life that we can aspire to, even hope to be named MVP. There are others that we should try to avoid. Consider…

·         There is the Super Bowl of a meaningful life

…or the one for materialistic success

·         What about the Super Bowl of positive impact

… as opposed to the one of self focus

·         There is a Super Bowl for giving back

…but also, one of selfishness

·         A Super Bowl of Faith

…or the one of stubborn independence

·         The Super Bowl for being a positive spouse, parent, or friend

…but also one for never developing meaning relationships

 What Super Bowl of Life (or Bowls) are you training for?


The Lost Art of Listening

If you have been around the MMM for very long, you know my passion for listening. It is likely the most discussed topic in this blog. Stephen Covey talks about how we only listen for the sake of being heard.  We really don’t listen at all, because we are too busy planning what we are going to say next.  Listening is a lost art.  It requires effort.  Unfortunately, we do not have the time or temperament to put in the effort these days.

Addressing the political and racial divides facing this country requires work.  We must take the time to understand one another, to listen to varying viewpoints and different opinions. Listening requires understanding, it does not mean we have to change our opinion. It feels like we are afraid that if we take the time to listen, and truly understand, that we will be forced to change our mind about something.  Understanding does not require agreement, but it does require listening.

It is too easy to hide behind the keyboard on social media or hop on the latest wave of hysteria without taking the time to listen and learn. Listening is a powerful tool.  It makes you a better person, it helps you broaden your perspective. More importantly is the feeling it gives to the one speaking.  There is nothing more powerful you can do than to listen genuinely and intently to another human.  We all want to be heard.  Take some time to be the one doing the listening, not just the one talking. 

God gave us two ears and one mouth.  We should use them in that ratio.  Listen….