Memorial Day

I remember the first time I saw Arlington Cemetery in person.  What an impressive sight.  Rows and rows of crosses indicating lives lost in defense of the freedoms we enjoy.  Then there is the Vietnam Memorial, another monument to valiant lives lost in defense of this great country.  We often take our freedoms and liberties for granted, we shouldn’t.  Too many countries in this world have no such freedom or liberty.  Ours is not without its’ costs.  Military families don’t take our freedom as US citizens so lightly.  They know all too well the costs. It is a shame that we need monuments, crosses and holidays to remember and pay tribute.   Don’t let the true meaning of Memorial Day go unnoticed.  If you need a tangible reminder google some pictures of Arlington Cemetery or the Vietnam Memorial.  They are poignant reminders of our fallen heroes along with many sights in our capital and all over this great land.  We really should not ever forget!

Have a blessed Memorial Day holiday!


Fear vs. Concern

An athletic department staff member at The University of Texas tells a story about his son sharing his fears with Darrell Royal some years ago.  Apparently, the young man told Royal he was afraid of graduating and finding a job in the “real” world.  Royal apparently replied “Never be afraid.  Be concerned.  There is a difference.”  He went on to explain “The difference is that fear is paralyzing.  Concern brings awareness.” 

I have always thought that fear was a normal and even important part of life and in fact I still believe that.   However, Royal’s perspective is good one.  When facing challenges we want to be concerned, not paralyzed.  We want to be cautious and aware and responsive but not frozen in fear; there is a place for fear.  Certainly, we should fear consequences of our actions and ramifications of our decisions.  Our laws and authorities rely to some degree on fear and that is appropriate. However, when facing change or obstacles in life, fear should not dictate our lives.  Caution yes, fear no.


Life is Hard

When I hear somebody say that life is hard, I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?"  
       --Sydney J. Harris

This is a very thought provoking quote.  Life may be hard.  I don’t think we have any real right to complain about that.  We are not promised otherwise, and it is not always hard.  Actually, most of us are incredibly blessed.  When we think life is too hard what exactly would we like it to be?  I know, there a lot of easy answers to that... trouble free, healthy, stable, happy, comfortable, and less challenging.  But that is not life is it?    



Sometimes we think that change will drive us crazy.  Actually, we often think the pain to change is greater than the pain to stay the same, but we need change to keep us from going insane.  Without change it is far too easy to fall into a rut and continuously repeat our mistakes.  Enjoy the following definitions and embrace the change to stay sane!

Webster’s Definition:

Insanity; noun
  • the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind.
  • a foolish or senseless action, policy, statement,etc.

Einstein’s Definition:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.”