Live Music

When is the last time you enjoyed live Music?  Well that’s too long.  Last week I got to see a great Cajun blues guitarist, Tab Benoit.  He is talented and entertaining; his story telling is as good as his music.  While listening I told my wife that live music just makes me smile.  I have no musical talent, none, but I really respect, admire and enjoy those who do.  Music is a powerful thing.  It can bring you to tears or laughter; take you to new places or back in time; open new friendships and strengthen old ones, and it is especially powerful live and in person.  It does not have to be a big name at a large venue.  It can be a local band at a neighborhood pub. We are blessed in The Woodlands with some great music venues including the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion which attracts fabulous national headliners and Dosey Doe which is a wonderful small dinner show listening room.  Find a live music venue near you and check it out.  You will enjoy it and you never know where it will take you.


Fear vs. Concern

An athletic department staff member at The University of Texas tells a story about his son sharing a fear with Darrell Royal some years ago.  Apparently the young man told Royal he was afraid of graduating and finding a job in the “real” world.  Royal replied “Never be afraid.  Be concerned.  There is a difference.”  He went on to explain “The difference is that fear is paralyzing.  Concern brings awareness.”

I have always thought that fear was a normal and even important part of life, and in fact I still believe that.   However, Royal’s perspective is good one.  When facing challenges we do not want to be paralyzed, we want to be concerned.  We should be cautious, aware and responsive, but not frozen in fear.  There is a place in life for fear.  Certainly we should fear consequences of our actions and ramifications of our decisions.  Our laws and authorities depend to some degree on fear, and that is appropriate.  But when facing change or obstacles in life fear should not dictate our lives.  Caution yes, fear no.



Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
                        ~ Lyrics from “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield

The past is useful.  We can learn from it, be proud of it and reminisce about it, but it is the past, and it cannot be changed.  Often we spend too much time in the past.  We cannot re-write the past; we can only author our future.  Like the lyrics from the song above, today is where your book begins.  In another part of the same song it refers to a “blank page before you”, each and every day is a blank page, an opportunity to write the future, an opportunity to impact what happens.  Those opportunities do not exist regarding past events. They do exist for today and tomorrow.  The days, minutes, and hours which are yet to happen are blank pages.  The rest is still unwritten...


New Perspective

Did you know that sticker burrs (yes like those you find in a field of weeds) were the inspiration for the fastener we now know as Velcro?  Makes sense, but I sure would not have thought of it.  When we look at the familiar with fresh eyes we really open our minds to creativity.  I am not the most creative guy around, but I try and look at business problems with an open mind.  It is very easy to get caught in a rut, to live with blinders on.  We tend to only see things within the parameters to which we are accustomed.  But wild ideas are often really very creative solutions.  “Thinking outside the box” is an overused phrase but it is a necessary way of thinking.  Unfortunately it does not come naturally for most of us.  We have to consciously force ourselves to see with fresh eyes and think outside of the box.

How will you see things this week?