Ironman Texas was this past weekend in The Woodlands.  It is one of my favorite weekends of the year!  There are so many moving and powerful aspects to the weekend that I always come away motivated and fulfilled.  My two takeaways from this weekend are…


Inspirational - What these athletes accomplish in an Ironman is a special feat unto itself.  Many of them have special circumstances, unique stories and difficult places from which they have come.  In every single case, it is absolutely inspirational.  Seeing what people overcame, endure and push themselves to accomplish was amazing!  I knew a few first timers and several returning athletes this year.  Each had their own story and reason for this pursuit.  They have now accomplished something few others ever will.  I am just proud to know them and be inspired by them.


Volunteerism – Each year we are in charge of an aid station on the run.  It takes 120+ people and over 15 hours of hard work to put on what we like to think of as an event for the athletes.  We do it for them and we do it for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  It is so fulfilling!  The athletes are so appreciative.  We know that what we do for them can make the difference in when, and maybe if, they finished.  But what they did for us was just as important!


We were blessed to be part of such an incredible event and to support such impressive athletes!




It is crazy the materialistic society we live in.  The United States is the richest country in the history of the earth and individually we are very wealthy compared to people in many parts of the world, yet we are often not happy with what we have.  That feeling is exaggerated by the barrage of advertising that promotes materialism. Think about wanting what you already have.  Most of us are truly blessed, no matter what our consumerism society would have us think.  Besides, there is a lot less stress in wanting what you have got than in not having what you want!


Count your Blessings, they are right in front of you!




Life is made up of a series of choices. We make choices each day of our life by prioritizing activities and choosing courses of action. It can be frustrating and challenging to make these choices. The alternatives are equally appealing, and the ramifications of the decisions seem so serious. The best we can do at any one point in time is to make a choice with the information and knowledge available to us at that point in time. Consider your alternatives, study your options, seek spiritual guidance, and make an educated decision.  Once a choice has been made, go on down the road of life. There is no value to be gained from beating ourselves up over past choices and decisions that did not work out. Sure, we should learn from past decisions, but there really is no need to re-live poor choices or to constantly second guess ourselves. Learn from those choices and grow. Make the best choice you can with the information available to you at the time.


Have a blessed week making choices.