Happy Holidays!

I know things are different this year, but it is still the Christmas holiday season. May you and your family have a truly blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 

The MMM will take off next week for the holidays and return on Monday, January 4th of 2021.  What are your plans to make 2021 great?


The Willingness to Lead

Successful leaders must be willing to lead. That may seem like a statement of the obvious.  Many people aspire to be leaders, others assume they are leaders, but are they truly willing to lead? 

To become an intentional, respected, servant leader one must be willing to lead.  I use the word “willing” because it implies a desire to act, to do what it takes.  One does not simply become a true leader because of their age, status or title.  Leadership requires work and is developed over time.  It requires a willingness to change and adapt.  Successful leaders understand themselves as well as their followers, and they adjust accordingly. They are intentional about reading people and analyzing situations to determine the best course of action. That approach is about the greater good of the project or organization, not the individual good of the leader.  Great leaders are willing to acclimate to personalities, circumstances and challenges.   Are you willing to lead?      


Be a Blessing

Have you ever felt truly blessed by another individual?  Maybe it was a close friend supporting you through a tragedy. Possibly it was a total stranger who blessed you with a random act of kindness. Or maybe it was a church group that covered you in prayer. Those blessings feel good, don’t they?

Think about the origin of that blessing.  Consider being the one that is a blessing to others. There is nothing more endearing than a genuine act of kindness.  One of the most powerful things you can do as a human being is to care for another individual.  Being a blessing to others is not difficult or expensive. It simply requires a mindset that’s focused on others and not ourselves. We have all had that warm feeling of being blessed by others.  Why can’t we make it our priority to grant those warm feelings to those around us?

As we head into this holiday season still in the midst of a pandemic, make it your goal to be a blessing to those around you.