People are not meant to “do life” alone, we are meant to live in community with others.  Friends and relationships are a huge part of our lives.  Independence may be something we claim, or even strive for, but we all know that we can’t be totally autonomous.  We need support and advice from friends.  The socialization of interacting and sharing life with others, true friendship, is a huge part of life.  In addition, friendship is a two way street; it is as much about being a friend to someone as it is about having a friend.  Some friends come and go; others become fixtures in our lives for a lifetime.  Certain friends are placed in our lives at specific times for specific needs. My life has been blessed with wonderful friendships, many of those have sustained career and family changes over numerous years.  I can only hope to have been a friend to others in the way described by this insightful young girl.

True friends are the ones who see the pain in your eyes,
when everybody else is fooled by your smile.
--Kimmy Robbins, (14 years old)


We Choose...

Every day we make choices. We choose to…

  • be patient or impatient
  • be kind or unkind
  • actively listen or passively wait to voice our view
  • be selfless or selfish
  • act with humility or behave arrogantly
  • be honest or deceitful
  • forgive or resent
  • be loving or not to love
  • smile or frown

Notice that I said “we choose”.  I did not say we “can” choose.  We do make these choices every day, whether consciously or subconsciously.  

How do you choose?


What Is Success?

Success is defined by each of us in different ways.  It should be a personal definition, not shaped by the media or others' opinions.  That definition likely includes components of faith, family and helping those around us.  Success should be viewed as a journey and not a specific destination.  It may, or may not, include financial or materialistic goals.  Success is your own recipe for contentment.  What is your definition of success?  Below are a few good keys in my mind...

  • Always tell the truth
  • Be willing to do your part
  • Get mad but don't be stupid
  • Tell the devil to go to Hell (but nobody else)
  • Be a giver not a taker
  • Seek God
  • Encourage people
  • Pass along your strengths, not your weaknesses, to your kids and others
  • Be kind and tenderhearted
  • Forgive
  • Grant and accept grace
  • Be humble


Happy New Year!

It is 2016!  What are your goals for the year?  I have two simple questions for you…

  1. What will you do to grow, change, challenge and improve yourself this year?

  1. What will you do to positively impact those around you in 2016?

Think about it!