Summer Vacation

As you are reading this, I am on one!  Vacations don’t have to be in the summer, but many are, and summer is here!  What a great idea, vacations, time to get away, relax, visit family, friends and new places.  Given the pandemic and shutdowns of the last 15 months, we all need a vacation. They provide us an opportunity to see and do things we don’t get to do every day.  We feel revitalized and rested after some time off.  Vacations do not have to be far away, exotic or elaborate, however, they should include family time, a good book, unplugged time, a great meal, time outdoors, relaxation and maybe an unplanned adventure.  We live in a big, beautiful state in a large and diverse country on an incredible planet.  There is a lot to see both near and far.  Make it point to take a break from your daily grind and take in some of this great world with your loved ones.

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