Happy 4th of July (yesterday)

We are truly blessed in this country with incredible freedoms.  Unfortunately, we often take those freedoms or granted. We should not.  These freedoms are not found in many countries.  What we do with these freedoms make us who we are… 

·         The freedom to live, love and laugh.

·         The freedom to work hard and succeed.

·         The freedom to challenge ourselves mentally and physically.

·         The freedom to fail, and to recover.

·         The freedom to approach each day with a smile.

·         The freedom to make choices, some wise, some not.

·         The freedom to educate ourselves.

·         The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

·         The freedom to honor and support those who protect these freedoms

…and those who lost their lives doing so.

·         The freedom to positively impact the lives of others.

·         The freedom to tell those that we love that we do!


What are you doing with your freedoms?

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