My wife and I have a variety of home improvement projects going on at home.  This process has reminded me of how differently we go about making decisions.  As a part of this process, I recently asked if she wanted to go to the store with me to make a certain selection.  Her response was telling, saying “No, I do not have the time it will take for you to stand there and stare at the options and over think your choice”.  She might have a point, and this was just for some picture frames!  I am proud to say, that on several of the decisions on these projects I have been able to make some speedy selections and keep the project moving.  Nonetheless, definitive and fast decision making is not my strong suit.  A good friend, and longtime MMM reader, shared the below thought with me recently…

“Remember, the road of life is littered with squirrels that could not make a decision.”

For many of you this is not a problem.  For those like me, for whom it is, we need to work on it, lest we get run over!

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