What’s in a number?

Numbers impact our lives in so many ways every day, especially us accounting types.   Where would we be without numbers, math, and the ability to calculate?  Numbers track prices, times, markets, returns, currencies, blood pressure, dates, profits, the temperature and so much more.

…then there are age numbers.  We use numbers to track the years we have spent on this earth.  For some reason, the numbers associated with our age seem to stir our emotions.  They also draw varying reactions from those around us.  We tend to make a big deal out of birthday numbers.  The type of big deal varies with age and personal preference, but birthdays seldom pass without some comments and cards, if not a full-blown celebration.  Even a bigger deal is made of certain milestones, often those numbers ending in zeros.  What is it with numbers that end in zero?  After all, they are just numbers like all the other numbers we encounter every day.  They just represent another year like the other nine in a decade.  Why do we let age numbers, especially the milestone ones bother us?  Sure, the larger ones indicate that we are getting older.  They also mean that we have more experiences, more good times, more challenges we have overcome.  We have had more tears but more smiles as well.  They mean we have more to be thankful for.  We have had more years to make us who we are.  Hopefully, that means we are wiser possibly more seasoned.  It is not that I am suggesting that we stop counting, although some might prefer that.  I just think we need to step back and think about the numbers associated with age.  They are just numbers and larger ones are not necessarily a bad thing!

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