To blame or not to blame?  There are appropriate times to seek and place blame, like when lives have been lost or when property has been damaged. Often, in matters of less importance we try too hard to blame others.  Admirable is the notion of taking responsibility for ones’ action.  It is too easy to place blame, point a finger, or deny responsibility.  We all do it to some degree, but in highly visibly situations, on important issues, and in teaching moments, great leaders pass on blaming others (even if somewhat justified).  The high road is one taken without blaming others and a wise choice to make.  Think about that at home in the example we set for our kids.  Unfortunately, our younger generation seems extremely quick to lay blame.  Take responsibility for whom and what you are.  Pass up the finger pointing opportunity and lead by example.  Consider this quote…

“The search for someone to blame is always successful.”
- Robert Half

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