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As if we did not have our hands already full with a pandemic, our society is now engulfed in a fragile state of racial division and violent protests.  This divisiveness is not new, but that does not make it acceptable.  The senseless killing of George Floyd is certainly not acceptable, but neither are the violence-oriented protests in response.

I am a 61-year-old white male with no idea what it feels like to be a man of color in this country.  However, I am pained by the stories of the fear felt by black men walking in their own neighborhoods and driving in their own communities. If this is not unsettling to you, it should be.  Simple answers and clarity do not come easily, but we cannot sit idly by.

A few responses seem clear to me…
  • Pray
  • Give grace and be slow to judge
  • Speak out loudly against racism and all forms of hatred
  • Make the effort, it takes effort, to listen and understand the perspective of others
  • Be inclusive and blind to ethnicity
  • Support elected officials, communities and organizations that are inclusive
  • Be thoughtful and intentional with social media posts, and be careful about what you believe on those forums
  • Educate yourself with facts from a variety of sources
  • Spread love by your actions in our communities and neighborhoods
  • Start conversations with your friends and families, with people of different races, and with people of different opinions
  • Pray

The MMM is not a current events or political blog, but a person I respect made a statement that tugged at my heart, “silence is seen as indifference”.  I am not indifferent and the MMM is not about indifference. 

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