We Can, and We Will

This pandemic will end, and we can learn from it. Our job as leaders is to guide businesses, organizations and families, through to the end. To get there we need to be positive and encouraging, while promoting growth and positive change. A good friend recently reminded me the power of the simple words, “can” and “will”. These small words completely change how a message is received. Consider a few messages we can send as leaders…
·       Our team can be productive from home
·       We will be a closer family
·       You can adapt under pressure
·       We will maintain relationships with clients
·       You can grow as a person through this crisis
·       Our business will have better contingency plans
·       We can work more efficiently 
·       Our non-profit will survive and adapt
·       We will be better off on the back side of this
·       I can make a difference by being a leader
We can and will get through these crazy times. Our challenge as leaders is to ensure that our teams grow, learn and change for the better!

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